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Weddings 20.19

Weddings in 2019 look a little different than the standard wedding cakes we are used to!

Dessert displays and sweets tables are hot, hot, hot! Couples are adding these lavish displays to their celebrations to compliment the cake, instead of a cake or to satisfy those later night cravings.

Cookie dough displays– We know the best part of baking is licking the bowl! Cookie dough is hotter than ever and our cookie dough displays are the perfect hit for your wedding reception! We have over 15 flavors of cookie dough! Order pre-scooped cups for your celebration! Flavors include- Chocolate chip, triple chip, M &M, monster, birthday cake, brownie batter, M&M brownie batter, cookies and cream, brownie andes, Peanut butter, peanut butter cup, sugar cookie, brownie peanut butter cup, brownie Reese’s pieces, circus cookie, cake batter, chocolate chip salted caramel, or ask us to design a custom flavor for you!

Small Dessert Displays can be filled with awesome choices like mini cannolis, cream puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries, mini tarts, cake balls, mousse cups, brownies and brownie bites, bar triangles, decadence cups and more! E-mail for a full menu!

Cheesecake displays

Choose from a variety of pre-sliced 8″ or 10″ cheesecakes, cheesecake cups or cheesecake bites. Or have us create a wedding cake with cheesecake or cheesecake torte!

Cheesecake bites $2 each

Cheesecake Display

We offer a variety of options for a gorgeous cheesecake display or choose any of these as add-ons or as you build your own dessert display.

8″ or 10″ garnished cheesecakes for guests to serve themselves or to have staff cut and serve

Cheesecake bites-new York with your choice of topping

Cheesecake cups Choose from any flavor option

Decadence cups- New York cheesecake swirled with flourless chocolate cake topped in ganache or bourbon or regular salted caramel with ganache

French Macarons

Cookie flavors- Almond, Hazelnut, Mint, Red Velvet, English Toffee, Lavender, Rose, Orange, Champagne, white chocolate, lemon, confetti, creamsicle, pineapple, pistachio, blue moon, caramel, raspberry, unicorn, marshmallow, snowman, lime, lemon-lime, cotton candy

Fillings-buttercream, lemon buttercream, raspberry buttercream , fudge, cookie dough, strawberry, whiskey salted caramel, pop rock buttercream, pink champagne, blue moon, salted caramel, caramel buttercream, strawberry buttercream, marshmallow, cherry buttercream, key lime , mint cream

Donut Displays- We offer bismarks, ring donuts, long johns, Persians and more! But these aren’t your average donuts… Think cookie dough, brownie batter, fruity pebbles, peanut butter cup, cookies and cream… You name it we have it or customize your own flavor that means something to you!

Bismark ideas- hostess, peanut butter cup, Lick the bowl, cookie dough craving, dreamsicle, white wedding, lemon blueberry, chocolate Bavarian, Chocolate dipped strawberry, dirt cake, Bahama mama, Caramel apple, rumchatta, Cherry cheese, Boston cream, Andes mint, Key lime, lemon, raspberry vanilla, chocolate raspberry, Apple,

Ring ideas-Chocolate sprinkle, Fruit pebbles, vanilla sprinkle, unicorn, vanilla nut, caramel nut, chocolate chip, oreo, chocolate M & M, Red hot, circus cookie, Reese’s pieces, Reeses crumble, Crunch Berries, Nerd bomb, cinnamon toast crunch, Pretty in pink, cocoa puffs, Nutella, Blue moon, butterfinger, Candy explosion

Email us for Full Dessert menu