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Fabu-Lux Tortes

Our tortes are 4 layers of cake with layers of fillings. They can be ordered with 3-4 days notice or call to see if we have any in shop. They are garnished and can be customized with a fondant plaque personalized for any occasion.

*****NEW***** Click for an online order form! If you have questions or would like to customize something please call us, or if you are missing something on the form! The online ordering feature is new for us and we are fine-tuning! Thank you for your patienece

Fabu-Lux Tortes Menu

Champagne and Strawberry- Champagne cake filled with Strawberry iced in buttercream topped with whipped dollops and fresh strawberries garnished with edible pearls

Lick the Bowl- Layers of chocolate chocolate chip cake filled with cookie dough and brownie batter iced with brownie batter whipped topped with more brownie batter and whipped topping

Peanut Butter Cup- Layers of Chocolate chocolate chip filled with peanut butter and chocolate silk iced with peanut butter icing garnished with peanut butter and chocolate drizzle topped with peanut butter cup

Chocolate Volcano- layers of chocolate chocolate chip cake triple filled with marshmallow, cookies and cream and caramel iced in fudge with candy toppings

Almond Poppyseed- Almond poppyseed cake filled with custard (can add raspberry filling as well) iced with cream cheese icing and garnished with your choice of fresh raspberries or slivered almonds

Traditional carrot cake- Ask if they want nuts on the garnish

Turtle- Chocolate pecan cake filled with caramel and fudge iced in white whipped topped with a layer of caramel and pecans draped in ganache

Snickers- one layer of white and one layer of chocolate chocolate chip filled with caramel and snickers filling, iced in white whipped topping and garnished with caramel, chocolate and snickers pieces

Raspberry Lemonade- Lemon raspberry swirl cake filled with lemon and raspberry, iced in lemonade whipped topping garnished with fresh raspberries

Cookies and Cream- white Oreo cake filled with cookies and cream filling iced in whipped topping garnished in Oreo crumbs and triple stuffed Oreos

Dirt Cake- Chocolate Oreo cake filled with custard and cream cheese iced in cookies and cream whipped topping covered in Oreo crumbs with gummy worms on top

Sprinkle Bomb- Confetti cake filled with sprinkle cake batter iced in buttercream and completely covered in sprinkles can be topped with fondant bow if desired

Bailey’s Salted caramel- Your choice of moist white or chocolate chocolate chip cake infused with Bailey’s filled with salted caramel iced in Bailey’s whipped topping topped with a pool of salted caramel

Andes Mint- Layers of double chocolate cake filled with chocolate silk and mint whip, iced in Mint whip topped with ganache and Andes Mints

S’mores- Chocolate Chocolate chip cake with a graham cracker crust filled with layers of marshmallow and fudge icing, iced in white whipped covered in ganache, garnished in graham cracker crumbs, toasted marshmallows, and fudge

Sweet Raspberry- Layers of Raspberry swirl cake filled with Raspberry and buttercream, iced in whipped topping garnished with fresh raspberries

Champagne Red velvet- Layers of Champagne and red velvet cake filled with chocolate silk, strawberry and cream cheese iced in white whipped topping garnished with pearls and fresh

Taste of the Tropics- Layers of Piña colada and pineapple cake filled with coconut cream, and pineapple whip, iced in Malibu pineapple whip, garnished with coconut, cherries and pineapple

Bahama mama- Rum cake filled with Cherries, pineapple rum whip and orange whip iced in cherry orange whip garnished with cherries and a tropical umbrella

Banana Split- layers of banana and chocolate cake filled with caramel, strawberry and chocolate silk, iced in banana whipped topping decorated with chocolate ganache, cherries, banana chips and caramel drizzle