The Cake Guru Cares

As small business owners we are passionate about everything we do! Supporting the community is our passion and we donate thousands of dollars worth of in-kind donations every month. Unfortunately we can not accommodate every request but we do our best to do all that we can. If you would like to Apply for an in-kind donation please stop at either shop an absolute minimum of a month before your event and fill out a donation request form. The forms must be dropped off in person, we do not accept them via e-mail.

The Ladybug Liberty Cupcakephoto (35) libery2

On June 30, 2004 our lives changed forever as we became parents to an amazing child born an ocean away. At this moment we became parents and at that moment our passion for helping every child find the love of a family became a major focus of our lives.

This pink Chocolate Chip cupcake is filled with Chocolate chip cookie dough, iced in pink glaze and fudge and decorated with a ladybug to symbolize Love. In Chinese legends the story goes that when a ladybug comes to call it is a sign that true love will also pay us a visit. For this reason the ladybug has become the symbol for adoptive families.

As part of our Cake Guru Cares initiative we are donating all profits from purchases of this cupcake to Holt international. Holt is the organization we worked with in the process of adopting our oldest daughter Liberty from China. Holt is passionately working to address the plight of orphans both in the US and throughout the world. We are also matching all donations placed in the donation pails as part of our initiative.

We truly believe that any little bit makes a difference and that we need to do our part as business owners to share our gifts & talents.

Every Child Deserves the Love of a Family