Special Occasion Cakes

Check out our new line of Signature Cakes , Fabu-Lux cupcake cakes and Tortes. Which can be ordered with a shorter lead time. Custom cakes require a minimum of Two weeks notice as an absolute requirement for anything custom, but keep in mind many dates book up even months in advance, Our Custom birthday cakes are only available after reviewing an inquiry and with decorator approval even if you are calling a year in advance, we want to feel comfortable with our ability to create your vision and will tell you if we do not feel comfortable.

Policies- Custom Special Occasion cake inquiries can be done by phone or preferably in person at the shop, never via e-mail or facebook. Our custom cake calendars can book up months in advance, weddings have always been our very first priority and we fit in special occasion cakes based on our decorator’s calendar and on their comfort level creating your request. We never promise to recreate another decorator’s design.

The Process- The first step in our process is to stop in or call us to fill out an inquiry for decorators to review, we do not do this via email or facebook message only in person or phone. You can send a photo for review after filling out the inquiry form. The Designers will look over the inquiry and let you know if we are able to fulfill your request.  If we are available we will get you an estimate at that point. Once you are given an estimate, the full payment is required to secure your date. If payment in full is not made the order is subject to cancellation.

We do have a gallery of pre-approved cake designs on our flickr page that if you have 2 weeks notice we can fit in.

If you would like to place an order with less than 2 weeks notice we can accommodate Fabu-Lux tortes, our signature cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, small desserts or of course we can do cupcake orders with less notice!

For a rough pricing guideline, a single tier can be as low as $30 and up, anything 2 tier starts at $95 and up to $5-600, 3 tiers start at $265 and the sky is the limit. Anything sculpted starts at $6 a slice with a minimum of 25 slices up to $10-25 a slice based on labor. Please stop down to the shop or call for more information.