Special Occasion Cakes

Special Occasion cakes are priced out based entirely on labor and size. Special Occasion cake orders can be done by phone or preferably in person at the shop. No order is placed without an order form being filled out by the customer and a confirmation recieved from Tamara.  During busy months we book up weeks if not even months in advance, weddings are our first priority and we fit in special occasion cakes based on our decorators calendar. The minimum of Two weeks notice is an absolute requirement for anything custom, although many dates book up months in advance.

If you would like to place an order with less than 2 weeks notice we can accommodate simple garnished tortes, our signature bow cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, small desserts or of course we can do cupcake orders with less notice!

For a rough pricing guideline, a single tier can be as low as $30, anything 2 tier starts at $100, 3 tiers start at $150, anything sculpted starts at $5 a slice  with a minimum of 25 slices up to $10-25 a slice based on labor. Please stop down to the shop or call for more information.