Dessert Displays and Platters

Xo hazelnut fudge

Xo hazelnut fudge

Here at the Tamara’s the Cake Guru we offer desserts to fit any palette. We can build a custom dessert display for your event or create a simple bar platter for an office party.

Add on to your wedding or any special occasion dessert display with gorgeous small Desserts including decadent options like cannoli’s, mini cream puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries, cheesecake bites or cups, truffles and more. E-mail us for a full menu.

French Macarons are another gorgeous option, and our baker is truly the best of the best at creating these gorgeous fragile bites of heaven!

Cookies can be ordered in a variety of sizes and over 50 flavor options. Mini doozies are a delicious and adorable addition to any dessert display. cookieplatter

Brownie bites, cookie cups, cookie dough cups, chocolate mousse cups are all wonderful display options as well! Buttercream shots with sprinkles on top are perfect for your guests who want a sugar rush!



Brownie Bites

Large Bar Platter








Our Bar platters truly give your guests a huge variety of delicious options and are very economical as well.

Fabu-Lux mini cupcakes are an adorable addition to your dessert display as well.